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Shoeless Joe has added to its line of baseball gloves with the NEW Pro Select Series. These gloves are designed for the baseball athlete that plays a significant number of games each season and has a personal goal of playing at the highest level possible and are willing to make the investment in a professional grade ball glove.

Please see at the bottom of this page for more information about theses gloves and the difference in Shoeless Joe's two series of gloves.
Our Shoeless Joe Pro Select Series gloves have a number of features that separate it from our Players Series models.

The first and foremost difference is the color and texture of the gloves. The NEW Pro Select Series gloves are dyed and is a standard feature which allows for the two color design. The texture will resemble a dyed glove unlike our Players Series models, which are stained. The player series models will have more of a genuine leather feel. The dyeing process creates less maintenance for the Pro Select Series models.

The Pro Select Series models are made with a 100% Steer Hide Leather and is cut from the thickest part of steer's hide. This Pro Select thicker cut leather will give the glove more durability and longer life.

These gloves are made with the XRD Extreme Impact Protection inside the glove to reduce stinging of the palm area. This feature not only gives more ball catching protection but reduces the break in time. The gloves also have the XRD padding system on the exterior part of the index finger to help with comfort.

These gloves also have a cowhide inner lining for more comfort and durability.

All Pro Select Series Gloves are available for the Shoeless Joe customized, personal embroidery options.

Please see our glove care section for the Pro Select Series models.