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A first base glove is larger than most gloves on the field. They have a large padded outer edge and a deep pocket with a very large web design. All of these features help the first baseman handle all kinds of balls thrown his way.

We have provided additional information located at the bottom of this page to further explain our Shoeless Joe First Base Gloves.
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A first base glove can be a very important part of a baseball game. A first base glove's extra length and size can help a first baseman make a play they may not make with a fielder's glove and be the difference between a game winning out or not.

The large outer edge helps in digging off line throws in the dirt and the extra length of the glove helps snag off line throws to make the out. We at Diamond Ready Baseball Gloves believe that first base glove can make an average first baseman look much better once they start using a first base glove.

A Shoeless Joe First Base Glove is essential to a player that plays first base most of the time. It makes their job much easier and can make them look like a Hall of Famer.