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Another mission at Diamond Ready gloves is to make sure that we give you the most information we can in selecting the right glove for yourself or your ball player. We at Diamond Ready gloves believe that sizing a glove is very important. The correct sized glove for your ball player helps to teach them the correct way to catch a ball in the glove. A ball should be caught in the web crotch or the top of the pocket of the glove.

Our gloves at Diamond Ready are made so that a person can adjust the wrist area to make the glove more snug. We have an extra two holes drilled into the leather on the wrist area of the glove to make the adjustment.

Too many times we see young ball players and even older ball players playing with gloves that are way too big for them. The glove should be an extension of the player's hand and if your player has a hard time controlling the glove then that glove is too big.

We at Diamond Ready gloves understand that each ball player is different in size and strength and the following guidelines are suggestions of what size of gloves fit what ages and positions. If you or your ball players does not fit the average size for attained age then you should consider a smaller or larger glove depending on the size of the person using the glove.

You will notice that we at Diamond Ready gloves use the word utility a great deal on the description of the gloves.Our description of utility means that glove could be used at multiple positions in the infield and outfield. Utility gloves are great for players under age 12 because they are typically moving around to different positions. If you or your ball player is playing a specific position or always playing in the infield or outfield then please follow our recommendations in the different categories.

The glove sizes that are listed on our website means the length of the glove from the top of the webbing of the glove to the bottom of the glove with the gloves opening being the area that is

The first thing that needs to happen is a proper fit of the glove. The glove needs to fit snug around the hand, but not too tight. Also, the ball players wrist should be hanging outside the bottom of the glove. If your ball player's hand is all the way in the glove then it is too big. We at Diamond Ready gloves recommend ball players wear batting gloves when using their ball gloves. Fingers need to extend past the pocket. If the ball is hitting the tips of fingers in the pocket then the glove is too big.

Around age 11-12 is when players start using different styles of gloves for different positions. This is when web styles come into play. Usually middle infielders play with I and H webs, however, smaller gloves with trap web style gloves have become very popular in the infield. Some players at third base prefer closed web styles.

Infielder's gloves are smaller than outfielder's gloves especially as the ball player gets older. The reason for the small glove in the infield is for the quick transition from glove to throwing hand for the out.

Pitchers can use any size that is comfortable. Pitchers should use basket weave, closed web or trap style gloves. Those gloves are recommended so the pitcher can hide what grip they have on the ball so the opposing team cannot pick up what the pitcher is about to throw.

Outfielder's gloves are usually the trap style gloves but any of our gloves that are listed in the outfield category are ideal for the outfield. Outfield gloves have a larger web for catching the fly ball easier. Outfielders do not have to use larger gloves if they feel uncomfortable using a larger glove. What is most important is that the glove fits the ball player correctly and that they can handle the glove with ease.

We at Diamond Ready gloves offer two first base gloves and three catcher's mitts. The 12' first base glove is best used for ball players under age 14. The 13" first base glove can be used by younger ball players if the player has large enough hands to handle the glove. Both gloves are excellent in helping dig balls out of the dirt at first and reaching for that throw that is off line. These gloves will make a first basemen's job much easier. Highly recommend getting a first base glove for your ball player if that is a position they play a lot.

Our catcher's mitts at Diamond Ready our unbelievable. The 30" mitt is designed for players under 12. The 32" is usually going to fit a ball player under age 14. Both the 32" and 34" are for high school/college. There is not much difference in size so if you are a catcher with a smaller stature with smaller hands then the 32" glove would be the one for you or your ball player.

We at Diamond Ready gloves hope that we have given you enough information to make an informed decision on what glove to purchase. Please do not purchase a glove that is too big for your ball player. If you are purchasing a glove for a young ball player then you are more than likely going to be purchasing more gloves as they get older. Your ball player is going to grow and more than likely change positions over the years. We want the best for every ball player and especially those who take the field with Shoeless Joe Gloves. Remember, if your ball player ends a game with a clean uniform then our gloves are not for you.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.