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We believe at Diamond Ready Gloves that we have the best looking gloves on the market today. The first thing you are going to notice about Shoeless Joe and Jane gloves is the unique soft feel and the wonderful leather smell. We at Diamond Ready Gloves want you to keep that soft feel and antique tobacco look the entire life of the glove and we are here to help you achieve that goal.

We at Diamond Ready Gloves take glove care and maintenance very seriously and promote that a well taken care of glove will take care of the ball player using it. We want you to proud of your glove and we are here to give you that advice about the proper care of the glove to keep it looking and feeling the same as the day you purchased it.

After receiving your glove, you will want to play catch with it for about 30 minutes. After the initial 30 minutes or first use, please get a baseball or softball and place it in the bottom of the webbing of the glove. Always keep a ball in the glove while not in use. And please keep the glove in your home and not in the garage or the trunk of the car while not in use. The heat from the garage and trunk makes the glove feel floppy. By keeping the glove at room temperature with a ball in it while not in use will help the glove stay in good shape.

Your glove is going to get dirty and you want to clean it. Some experts say to clean it just a few times a year. That few times is OK if the glove does not get dirty and you are not using the glove very many games. Many select players are playing anywhere between 40 to 90 games a year. Those players that are playing a lot of games are going to want to clean the glove more often. You will have to use your common sense of when to clean the glove.

A good sign of when to clean the glove is when it looks dirty or when the glove looks a little faded. Our experiences at Diamond Ready Gloves is to clean the glove about every 4-5 weeks during the playing season depending on the condition of the glove and how often you are playing.

We at Diamond Ready Gloves recommend using Lanolin Oil or some type of leather conditioner such as saddle soap or other glove conditioner that is recommended for leather. We recommend the Lanolin Oil paste and not the liquid. Please try to avoid products with petroleum jelly as its main ingredient. Our Shoeless Joe and Jane Gloves are made with pure cowhide leather. Leather is like human skin and needs to be cleaned and moisturized. The Lanolin Oil will absorb in to the glove over a few days and keeps the glove looking brand new. Petroleum Jelly based products will not absorb as fast in to the glove and often will cause dirt to build up in the pocket of the glove after a cleaning with those products.

We also recommend the best time to clean the glove is when you or your player has a few days off playing so that the leather conditioner can absorb in to the glove. Pitchers do not like the feel of the leather conditioner that can get on the ball while they are pitching. The leather conditioner can cause the ball to slip out of the player's grip while throwing. If the glove is conditioned properly then it can be used within 24-48 hours.

One thing that you will notice by cleaning your glove more often is that the ball will stick into the glove better while fielding or catching the ball. You will be amazed by the performance of your glove if cleaned on a regular basis and taken care of properly.

Now we are ready to clean your glove.The first item needed when cleaning your glove is a lightly damp cloth. Take the damp cloth and wipe all the dirt off both sides of glove. Try to rid all of the dirt off the glove. Allow the glove to thoroughly dry. Then take another clean dry cloth and place a small amount of leather conditioner on the cloth and apply to the entire glove until it has that antique tobacco leather look. If you think you have applied too much leather conditioner on the glove then take a clean cloth and wipe off excess conditioner. Then place a ball in the glove and store somewhere in your home to allow the conditioner to soak in to the leather.

In addition to cleaning your Shoeless Joe and Jane glove you will need to tighten the laces on the index and pinkie fingers of the glove. You will notice that after a month or so that the laces on the those two areas may need to be tightened. That is very common to tighten glove laces when they get loose. If other laces get loose or come undone, simply tighten the laces back up.

You should always clean the glove when the season has ended and store in your home, like in a closet. Please remember to always have a ball in the glove even in the players bat and ball bag.

We at Diamond Ready gloves have years of experience with gloves and have had the opportunity to meet many people over the years with some poorly maintained gloves. If you take our advice and take proper care of your glove then it should perform for you or your player for the life of the glove or until a new glove is needed.

Shoeless Joe Gloves does have a reconditioning program and we have placed that information on the bottom of our home page.