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We at Diamond Ready Baseball Gloves think choosing the correct size of a youth baseball glove is extremely important in the development of your ball player. The glove needs to fit your child's hand and be easy to close. Our 100% soft leather gloves are the perfect gloves for the youngster to learn the game. They are easy to break in and the soft leather allows the player to close the glove easily.

We have provided additional information at the bottom of this page to help you in selecting the best youth glove for your child.
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The need for the size being correct and the ability to close the glove helps in catching the ball and putting a smile on your child's face. Those two items are critical for helping a child to have fun and success playing catch and wanting to continue to play ball.

Your ball player needs to be able to handle the glove with ease. It helps teach your ball player the proper way to catch a ball. A ball needs to be caught in the pocket of the glove. We at Diamond Ready Baseball gloves have seen too many children with gloves that are way too big and are often trying to catch the ball in the web. Many times the ball tips off the end of the glove because they are trying so hard to catch the ball on edge of the web so it does not hurt their hand.

Our Shoeless Joe 9" and 10" gloves are small enough that they will be catching the ball in the correct spot. Those two gloves are designed for players under age 9. Our Shoeless Joe 11 1/4" Closed Web is a great glove for a young player under age 12, however, this glove is made to fit an adult as an infielder's glove. All of our baseball gloves can be adjusted at the wrist area to help fit your child's hand.

Our Shoeless Joe gloves are easily broken-in due to the preconditioned breaking in process they have gone through. You will find the leather very soft and easy to handle for your child. These gloves literally will be ready for the diamond with just a few times playing catch.

Our 11 1/4" and all of our 11 1/2" gloves are infield gloves for older ball players but are great utility gloves for players under age 12. These gloves are perfect for your player to learn the game with. Please see our Glove Sizing areas for more information on finding the correct size of glove for your ball player.