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Another mission at Diamond Ready gloves is to make sure that we give you the most information we can in selecting the right glove for yourself or your ball player. We at Diamond Ready gloves believe that sizing a glove is very important. The correct sized glove for your ball player helps to teach them the correct way to catch a ball in the glove. A ball should be caught in the top of the pocket and the web crotch of the glove.

Our Shoeless Jane Diamond Ready Gloves are made with an adjustable velcro wrist strap to allow for that snug fit.

Too many times we see young ball players and even older ball players playing with gloves that are way too big for them. Parents will say, my ball player catches the ball better with the larger glove, when in reality, most times they are catching the ball improperly because they are trying to catch the ball in the web instead of the pocket. Obviously, there are times when the ball is going to be caught in the web. The glove should be an extension of the player's hand and if your player has a hard time controlling the glove then that glove is too big.

You will notice that we have given a general description of what the gloves could be used for. Fast Pitch softball gloves do not have much variance in web designs so basically you are trying to fit the glove to the your child's size. Any of the Shoeless Jane gloves could be used at any position depending on the age of the person and their size.

You will notice that we at Diamond Ready gloves use the word utility a great deal on the description of the gloves. Our description of utility means that glove could be used at multiple positions in the infield and outfield. We usually see players start using catcher's mitts at age 10 and first base mitts around 12.

The glove sizes that are listed on our website means the length of the glove from the top of the index finger to the heel bottom of the glove. These measurements are made with a flexible measuring device.

The first thing that needs to happen is a proper fit of the glove. The glove needs to fit snug around the hand, but not too tight. Also, the bottom of the ball players wrist should be hanging outside the bottom of the glove. If your ball player's hand is all the way in the glove then it is too big. We at Diamond Ready gloves recommend ball players wear batting gloves when using their ball gloves. Fingers need to extend past the pocket. If the ball is hitting the tips of fingers in the pocket then the glove is too big.

Fast Pitch players under 8 are going to want to order from our Junior baseball series gloves. We at Diamond Ready have a 9", 10" and a 11 1/4" glove for the younger players to choose from. These gloves can easily handle the 11" softball that young players play with.

Fast Pitch players between the ages 9-12 are usually going to play with our 11 /34" or 12" gloves. Some players that are not in the normal size range may take a smaller or larger glove depending on their size and strength of hand. Remember that larger gloves are not good for young players deveolping. It is better for them to be able to handle the glove with ease.

Shoeless Jane gloves that work best for players 12 to college age depends on position and size of player. We at Diamond Ready gloves highly recommend the 11 3/4" or 12" glove for the middle infield positions and third. Some players like the larger 12 1/2" glove at third base.

Our Shoeless Jane Diamond Ready 12 1/2" and 13" gloves are great for the outfield position. Our 13" glove is a large glove so if you or your ball player is of average size then our 13" glove is probably not for you or your ball player. This glove requires large hands with some strength. Our 12 1/2" is a very good utility glove that could be used at an infield and outfield position.

Our 12 1/2" First Base glove is primarily sized for fast pitch players 12 and above. This glove is highy recommended for the player that primarily plays first base.

We at Shoeless Jane Diamond Ready gloves do have two Catcher's Mitts for you to choose from. Our 32" catcher's Mitt is designed for players from 9-14. Our 34" Catcher's Mitts could be used for players age 12 and above depending on size and strength of player.

We at Diamond Ready gloves hope that we have given you enough information to make an informed decision on what glove to purchase. Please do not purchase a glove that is too big for your ball player. If you are purchasing a glove for a young ball player then you are more than likely going to be purchasing more gloves as they get older. Your ball player is going to grow and more than likely change positions over the years. We want the best for every ball player and especially those who take the field with Shoeless Jane Gloves. Remember, if your ball player ends a game with a clean uniform then our gloves are not for you.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.