About Our Company

Welcome to Diamond Ready Baseball Gloves. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality baseball and softball equipment that is Diamond Ready. We offer Shoeless Joe Gloves that have a soft leather feel and are easy to form to make a solid pocket that will last the life of the glove. These gloves are made the same way as the early days of baseball when craftsmen took pride in their workmanship and when quality was the rule of the day. We have added Shoeless Joe's Pro Select Series Gloves to our line. These gloves have the same soft feel as our Player's Series but are dyed instead of stained and are made with the thickest part of the steer's hide. These gloves are designed for the serious baseball player. We have also partnered with many companies in the past year including Vinci Gloves, Anderson Bat Company, Phoenix Bat Company and Rip-It.
We are continually looking for high quality products to offer to you, our customer. Thank you for shopping on our website.

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