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Ball Glove Reconditioning Program
  The owner of any Shoeless Joe ball glove can now return their glove to Shoeless Joe to be reconditioned. The leather in any ball glove regardless of the type or style will be treated with Shoeless Joe's antique Tobacco Tanning Material to give the same look and feel it had when it was new. For a minimal fee, including the return shipping, follow this simple process to make your glove look, feel and smell the way it did the day that you purchased it.

1. Call Toll Free 855-563-4568 and inform the customer service representative that you want to send your glove in t be reconditioned.

2. The customer service representative will provide you with an RA (return authorization) number and the address of where to send your ball glove. Payment by credit card will be taken at this time.

3. Ship your glove to the address given to you by the customer service representative. Be sure to write the RA number on the outside of the box.

4. The Shoeless Joe company will recondition a glove within 3 working days from the time that it is received and will return it to its owner via the post office.
How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.